Monday, 13 March 2017

How to Promote Business

Hi Friends,

If you are doing business and looking for some business promotion websites than I’ll tell you how to make free business promotion.

Just visit

In this website you can list your business for free. This website would not charge any money to register your business.

Listing is also very simple.

Here I am going to tell you step by step procedure to submit free listing

Step: 1
Open the browser and type the url

Step: 2
Now you have to register yourself before making listing.

Just click on register tab

And type username email and password and after that you can login with chosen username and password

Step: 3
Now login with your user name and password

Step: 4
Now click on create a listing button and select category in which you want to submit listing. Like if you are a Jeweller than select Jewellery

Now click continue

Step: 5
Now enter the all required fields

Step: 6
Now choose the image if any. If you don’t want to choose image click on submit button.

Now its done and your listing is live.


Our vision is to organise Indian business information to eliminate barriers between businessman and their customers. is a business information platform where every businesses can list themselves for absolutely free so that the customer of their city can locate the right business for their needs conveniently and quickly.

As a member of, you can unlock the opportunity to be discovered by customers interested in your products and services, and reach them with targeted promotions and content. Not just that, your listing is the hub of your online reputation as it consolidates reviews from users and helps customers choose your business over your competitors! also gave facility to users to rate your listing and reviews your product and by this facility you can get more business from this platform. Users can also search your business just by entering some parameters like Business Category, your state, your city and your zip code.

Listing on is simple. Click here to get listed!